Will’o the wisp



I want to know who these two are right now. ;_;

I’m always surprised when I see some confidential stuff  already online when the show is not out yet.
Lolirock is a TV show I’m currently working on, (as animation director and layout(wo)man)  coming for september 2014 (I think )

those screenshots are production stuff. And those two are the Team Rocket ! ROFL


I work on this when I was in internship last summer, and I like them, like I have a kind of affection for the team rocket. I drew some chibbis of them but I let them at work and at the Lolirock team !



Send me a character and a number in an ask! A good weekend project. :)

Oh I don’t have enought character for this but it’s still fun so why not ? ;3

Human Arty !

Reblog if it’s okay for people to come into your askbox and ask about your OCs


commission for the lovely Spi of her fiery courtier Saah <3

Oh my <3 I’m so happy, my Saah is perfect ! Thank you very much !!!

I’m in love with his sly look and his posing ! The little Ember on fire >83

~ He was just an utopian child.

Dhünlyn ;3

An old drawing of Meluzin, a kind of hybrid inspired by the famous faerie Melusina.

I have to work for school so I don’t have the time for sylvaris…But here’s a little Artyphiss, my mesmer sylvari on GW2. Can’t wait to play with him again !

Need to find something new for Pierrot




Whisper in my ear
Or tear me apart
Come to me my dear
I’ll give you my heart
Endlessly laughing
Victim but your thing

My favourite poker face, Artyphiss and Seiz Hinn human version, roleplaying character from GW2 universe. Seiz looks like disappointed.